Asking for help

Posted by Marion de Groot on September 27, 2008

During my highschool exchange program in Thailand, I stayed in a thai host family. My host mom was a teacher at the highschool I attended. One day, she asked me to help her with some work she had to do: checking exams. It was a multiple choice exam, so the language was not a problem. I said, sure, I'll help.

The next minute I'm sitting at the table with a pile of exams to check, and my host mom is watching TV! I was confused: didn't she ask me to help her? Doesn't 'helping' mean that the person who needs help participates? Apparently, she had a different philosophy.

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  • During my high school program to Portugal, I also used to help my hostmother. Since she had five children (and me being number six), laundry was quite a heavy task for her. And she was a full-time teacher, too!
    But the weird thing is that, except for my nine-year-old sister, nobody ever helped mother! My youngest brother, five-year-old, even laughed at me that I, being a boy, would be helping the woman with the laundry! Isn't the guy's task so sit down on his lazy butt, watch television and wait until the women serve his food and beer?? …

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