Only you and me… right?

Posted by Dennis Michiels on October 05, 2008

I met a girl in Indonesia a while ago and everytime when I come to this country, we meet for a chat, dinner or some shopping.

The funny thing is that I always have to emphasize that she should come ALONE. If not, she will always show up with a bunch of family members.

Initially I didn't care, however I got annoyed when I noticed that I hardly could have a chat with her since she was often occupied by one of the family members. Eversince I always ask/check 'Only you and me…right?' when making an appointment 🙂

This cultural difference may have its roots in the dominant role of family & collectivism in Asian cultures.

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2 Comments to Only you and me… right?

  • Hmmm well maybe she thought it wasn't going to be just dinner, if she would come alone ;).

    I haven't experienced the exact same thing, but I did notice that bringing a friend to a party or appointment you're invited to is much less of a problem in China than in the Netherlands. But the Dutch are much more about making exact appointments anyways. The Dutch seem to be less flexible.

    Don't get me wrong, I do understand that you'd like to be alone with the girl, to chat!

  • Dennis, knowing you…, I think she was very wise to invite her family 😉

    But maybe she wanted her family also to be able to expand their network.

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