One of those stories…

Posted by Lotje Pulles on November 03, 2008

I was an exchange student in Australia, when I was 16. As you would know, it was an amazing experience. Just before I left, I bought myself an empty book with a nice cover. In Australia I've met many people that are now very special to me. This book was to keep my memory about them. So I let them write in it. This book is very special to me. It keeps my memories.
My hostmum thought it would be nice to rercord all my embarassing moments. The moments that I did not understand the language, the culture, etc. At the time these were very embarassing, but now, I look back with a great feeling. I learnt from it.
This story is one of them.

My hostfamily and I were guests at some friendsplace. There were many people in the house. We were drinking and eating, everyone helped himself. As my hostfather was concerned about me helping myself (I was very shy as an exchangestudent), he asked me if I had tea. I said: no thanx dad, I already had some Coke…
Everybody laughed his head of and I (embarassed) didn't have a clue why! In my vocabulary tea meant a cup of tea. Later that day they tought me tea could also mean dinner. I will never forget.

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  • I also had a very embarassing moment. During the first months of my high school year I was in the machingband. After a bandpractise one day, we were walking back to the school, there was this guy walking next to me, askin 'So how are you doin'? '
    And I said: 'Oooh, I'm so hot!'
    He said 'Yes you are'

    After that I really didn't know what to say. Ofcourse he knew that I meant to say that the weather was very hot. I was so embarassed.
    Now, I can laugh at it. 🙂

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