Reflect before you choose not to choose

Posted by martyn on November 11, 2008

This is a general observation about culture and its effect on our behavour and most importantly how we make decisions.

Culture can and does bring a huge richness into this world, such diversity and traditions loves and hates…

Yet it also can bring an unseen burden, simply put… when you make a decision have you checked where the result of your decision comes from, is it really from you, the individual? or are you making a decision automatically based on cultural conditioning? pause before making choices.. does the decision you made enrich you and the planet or does it simply maintain the status quo? Cultures often fight to maintain there comfort zone, do you?

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  • I think this mindswirl you wrote is something I learned on my exchange. I believe that what's normal in life (my culture in fact) doesn't has to be the right answer to my question. Since my exchange I will also think twice, but that doesn't mean my culture won't influence my opinion on subjects. Culture is always a big deal, but an exchange (I think) can make you look more in broad outline.

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