About Culture Clash

Project Culture Clash is put up to collect anecdotes of culture clashes from all over the world. Based on these stories I want to write a book about cultural differences, with the goal to create more understanding for different cultures in the world.

The idea started when I was traveling in Asia with some people who had never been in Asia before. I noticed that they were complaining about everything, while I often thought: ‘It’s different than we would do it, but it is just a cultural difference.’ I’ve had the chance to travel a lot, and experience different cultures. This has enabled me to understand why people act differently, or at least accept that not everybody has the same logic as I do.

My goal is to enable other people to understand or at least accept the behavior of people from different cultural backgrounds as well. Therefore I want to write an accessible book with anecdotes and practical tips about dealing with cultural differences. Once I collected some interesting stories, I will decide whether I will focus on certain subjects, cultures, countries or target groups. It might even turn out that a book is not the form to put it into. Time will tell. And you, the people who share their stories, will influence this.

The target groups for my book could be exchange students who are about to go abroad for a year, and want to be prepared for the culture clashes they might encounter, or their host parents, who want to know whether the student they are hosting is out of his mind or just different. It could be politicians who want to know what they are talking about. Business men who plan to do business abroad. Travelers. Anyone.

I believe I (or better: we) can contribute to intercultural understanding, without having to send everyone in the world on an obligatory exchange program abroad.

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