Posted by Kasamon Sriburanasorn on October 25, 2008
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When I was in the Netherlands, I could see some differences between Thai and Dutch families. One thing that I want to mention is about how both families treat their children.

I feel that Thai parents are too concerned about what their children do. They don't want their children to break any rules or do anything they don't want them to do. Also, parents fix the time going back home for their children, for example; I'd be back home around 6 pm or before. I think it's not late (because sometimes I want to be back late but I can't), but they feel it's a bit late. Anyway, I know that the more they love me, the more they are concerned about me.

By contrast, the Dutch families give a lot of freedom to their children. Children can do whatever they want. ANyway, if parents see that it is not good, they will give the advises. Duch parents treat their children as an adult and they are just an advisor. When I was with my host family, I can ask them for good asvises when I have problems and they never told me when I'd be back home. They just told me that if I wanna go travelling or being at home late, just let them know before. I really like the way Dutch families treat with their children. It makes children feel they have to be responsible for their lives. Not like Thai families that they treat their children as a kid.

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Only you and me… right?

Posted by Dennis Michiels on October 05, 2008
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I met a girl in Indonesia a while ago and everytime when I come to this country, we meet for a chat, dinner or some shopping.

The funny thing is that I always have to emphasize that she should come ALONE. If not, she will always show up with a bunch of family members.

Initially I didn't care, however I got annoyed when I noticed that I hardly could have a chat with her since she was often occupied by one of the family members. Eversince I always ask/check 'Only you and me…right?' when making an appointment 🙂

This cultural difference may have its roots in the dominant role of family & collectivism in Asian cultures.

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