Honesty is the best policy

Posted by Marion de Groot on October 03, 2008
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A Chinese friend was telling about his experiences with job interviews. He was once asked what he would do in the following situation:

You are working in a computer store. You sell a customer a computer for 1000 euros. Later, you find out that the computer actually costs 2000 euros. What do you do to get the remaining 1000 euros from the customer you sold the computer to?

My friend asked me what I would do. I said I gave him little change that he would get the money. It was a mistake made by the computer store, so they should bear the consequences.

He said: no! You should make something up! You should try to convince him that the computer he bought is not good, that you have a better computer for him, but that it costs 1000 euros more.

Hmmm so that's how they do it in China… Good to know.