Win some, lose some

Posted by Frank van Schie on September 11, 2008
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During the latest 2008 Euro Cup soccer, Dutch feelings about the national team were poor; it was expected that they would lose a lot, in the poule they were in, and there was a lot of criticism. The Netherlands team made a great entry. France, Italy, Romania; all were crushed. The Italians were beaten with a score of 3-0.

Since we have some Italians at work, who most definitely watched the match, we Dutch guys put three orange tum-tums (candy) on their desks, just to tease them. Quite a bit of making-fun-of-the-Italians happened. One of the Italians remarked that, while some countries are bad losers, the Dutch are bad winners, based on our behavior. I'm fairly sure we weren't the only Dutch people who were bad about it, so perhaps he had a point.

Once the Dutch soccer team was hopelessly destroyed by the Russians, the Dutch reverted to critizing their team and its coach, and mildly praising the Russian team.

You could say the Dutch are overly vocal supporters when things are going right, and absolutely brutal when things don't seem to go so well. How do *your* countries treat your national teams, their victories and their defeats?